hi alg
Andreas Löschner-Gornau
German artist on Philippines

"ART in EVERY Home" - 2010

At the beginning of June, 2010 a piece of art was sold (made by Modigliani) for 45 million Euro.
Who has so much money? The artist died in 1920, becomes impoverished, in Paris.

Art should be for all people. This art project's main goal is to sending art in as many homes as possible. In all regions of the world.

Project started - June 2010
Project end November 2010
Every day i made 1 drawing and sold in "ebay" for 1 Euro + shipping
I sold to all country's where" paypal" payment was excepted. All in all i shipped 163 drawing - subject of the single drawing: what was in my mind during i was drawing.

Corrugated cardboard; drawing on the front + stamped and signed Back: Name and address of the receiver, stamped, thread for hanging
grau I am making art.